Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Pune

In the age of technology, Pune is considered the automobile hub of India; however, in the past, it was known as Oxford of the East because of its rich offerings of literature, science, and arts. Surprisingly, the pharmaceutical industry is booming in Pune, and it has become the home of some of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India.

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Emcure Pharmaceuticals

Emcure Pharmaceuticals profile

Emcure Pharmaceuticals was established in 1981 by an entrepreneur and visionary, Satish Mehta. He aimed to provide medicines at an affordable price to the public of India. In 1983, the first manufacturing plant of Emcure Pharmaceuticals became operational in Bhosari. Almost a decade after that, in 1995, Emcure Pharmaceuticals started the formulation process, i.e., to combine certain chemicals to create finished medicines. Finally, in 2004, the company incorporated its branch in the United States, opening the door for international business. Their US facility is now known as Heritage Pharmaceutical Laboratories. Two years following that, their injectable facility at Hinjawadi was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. In 2014, it acquired Tillomed Laboratories, a pharmaceutical company in the United Kingdom, and commenced operation in both the UK and Europe. Presently, it is the 12th largest pharmaceutical company in India, and it conducts business in 70 plus countries. They mainly produce active pharmaceutical ingredients, prescription drugs, and vaccines.

Headquarters: Pune, Maharashtra

Popular Products: Pegex and Elaxim


Hikal profile

Hikal was founded by Jai Hiremath in 1988. Interestingly, before establishing this company, Jai Hiremath used to be a chartered accountant and graduated from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England. He was also the chairman of the Chemicals Committee of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and former President of the Indian Chemical Council (ICC). Hikal produces active pharmaceutical ingredients, and intermediates, it even does custom orders. It makes products for both animal and human use as well as for the agriculture industry. Moreover, it received the first-ever Responsible Care certification for a life sciences company. Presently, Hikal has five manufacturing facilities in Maharashtra, Gujrat, and Bengaluru. Additionally, Hikal has an excellent research and development division that continues to contribute to the pharmaceutical industry.

Headquarters: Pune, Maharashtra

Popular Products: Rolling Stone D-50 and Chlorothalonil

Hindustan Antibiotics Limited

Hindustan Antibiotics Limited is an enterprise that operates under the Government of India. It was established in 1954 in association with the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund. The primary function of this company was to manufacture penicillin in large quantities. The initial output of Hindustan Antibiotics Limited was 9 million mega units, and unsurprisingly, it was known as the Penicillin Factory. Soon the company started producing antifungal antibiotics for humans as well as for veterinary usage. It also ventures into agriculture medicines by producing medicines to protect plants from bacteria.

Headquarters: Pune, Maharashtra

Popular Products: Haloran and Delamin -DT

Cian Healthcare

Cian Healthcare profile

Winner of India’s Small Giant Award, this company was established in 2003 by Suraj Zanwar. Cian Healthcare produces a wide range of products in the field of gynecology, haematinic, cardio-diabetic, orthopedics, pediatric, antibiotics, and supplements. Despite it being just 15 years old, this company has established its network in major markets in South Asia, Africa, and Latin America. With an advanced research and development division, Cian Healthcare continues to enhance medicines. Presently, it is researching Autism Spectrum Disorder, and to spread awareness about the disease, it has partnered with various NGOs.

Headquarters: Pune, Maharashtra

Popular Products: Kefi Plus and Moximax

Maple Biotech 

Maple Biotech profile

This company was incorporated in 1982 by a chemical engineer, Nandan M. Bhandari. He graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada and gained experience in research at N. C. State University at Raleigh in the United States. The first product manufactured by Maple Biotech was a cellulose powder, that is utilized by the welding electrode industry. Being successful with the cellulose powder, Maple Biotech established its research and development unit and introduced new products in its line-up. Presently, Maple Biotech makes pharmaceutical products along with chemicals used in different industries.

Headquarters: Pune, Maharashtra

Popular Products: Cellulose Gel and Tamarind Seed Gum

Sinsan Pharmaceuticals

Sinsan Pharmaceuticals profile

Sinsan Pharmaceuticals was established in 2007, and it quickly became one of the major pharmaceutical companies in India. It is also one of few pharmaceutical companies that have a majority of young employees. As for the employees, 500 people are working at Sinsan Pharmaceuticals. Primarily, Sinsan Pharmaceuticals produces anti-diabetics, cardiac health products, nutraceuticals, and anti-obesity medicines.

Headquarters: Pune, Maharashtra

Popular Products: Atorfirst and Belytrim

Sharangdhar Pharmaceuticals

Sharangdhar profile

Sharangdhar Pharmaceuticals was incorporated by a doctor couple, Abhyankars. Both of them are ayurvedic doctors and have been in practice for over two decades. This company was born out of the idea of providing authentic ayurvedic medicines to their patients. Sharangdhar Pharmaceuticals has a huge line of products for hair, skin, obesity, diabetes, and chronic pain.

Headquarters: Pune, Maharashtra

Popular Products: Bren-Kam and Shavidha

Indus Biotech

Indus Biotech Profile

Indus Biotech is a pharmaceutical company that believes in creating products using natural substances and keeping them as organic as possible. It also puts a strong emphasis on plant-based nutrition. Indus Biotech’s products focus on performance boosters and diabetes.

Headquarters: Pune, Maharashtra

Popular Products: Fenu-FG and INDCA

Ari Healthcare

Ari Healthcare profile

Also known as Amarantha Ayurveda, this company was established by Dr. Anisha and Dr. Sanjeevan Kanjihal in 2002. Originally, Ari Healthcare used to manage the sales of allopathic medicines produced by other pharmaceutical companies. After gaining a decade of experience in sales, the founders decided to transition into creating Ayurvedic products. Not only does it sell products for cosmetics and diseases, but it also offers veterinarian products.

Headquarters: Pune, Maharashtra

Popular Products: Avocado & Lemon Facewash

NuLife Pharmaceuticals

NuLife Pharmaceuticals profile

NuLife was incorporated in 1973, and it is certified by the World Health Organization Good Manufacturing Practice. Its logo was consciously designed to look like a womb with Sun inside it to signify the life-giving properties of the Sun. Presently, NuLife Pharmaceuticals produce its own medicines in the form of tablets, liquids, capsules, and ointments.

Headquarters: Pune, Maharashtra

Popular Products: Salactin and Clotrin

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