10 Interesting Facts About Caffeine

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. This amazing beverage can be had on its own or with other ingredients; however, the best way to have a cup of coffee is with friends or first thing in the morning. The majority of people use it for the latter purpose, and caffeine is the magic chemical that induces wakefulness that is required by a lot of people either in the morning or during the afternoon crash. Here are some interesting facts about caffeine:

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1. What is Caffeine?

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Caffeine is a form of nervous system stimulant that occurs naturally. This chemical is found in coffee, tea, and cacao plants. It works by blocking the signals produced by Adenosine, a substance that triggers sleep in the brain. Adenosines are created as a byproduct during the energy extraction from molecules in the body. Once Adenosine is activated, it lowers brain function, resulting in sluggishness and sleep, but because caffeine blocks this molecule, a sense of wakefulness is experienced. Also, the bitter taste of coffee is attributed to caffeine.

2. Disaster for Insects

Whereas caffeine produces desirable results in humans, it causes detrimental effects in insects. Once it is ingested by insects, it targets their nervous system and halts the production of vital enzymes, which leads to paralysis, multiple organ failures, and eventually death. Interestingly, caffeine also causes reproductive problems in insects, therefore, it is a natural pesticide.

3. Caffeine to Protect Skin

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Since this magic chemical is an antioxidant, it is known to fight against collagen-breaking molecules known as free radicals. By drinking caffeine, one can prevent their skin from damage. Secondly, caffeine lowers the amount of blood flow to the surface of the skin by actively constricting the blood vessels resulting in brighter skin. Lastly, if coffee is made into a paste and applied directly to the skin, it is known to heal the damage caused by the Sun.

4. The Painkiller Companion

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Caffeine is one of the best interacting chemicals when it comes to medicinal use, particularly, with analgesic drugs. While administering analgesics on their own also results in relief from pain, combining it with caffeine can boost the recovery rate, and for some people, it just works better, which is why many medicines come with caffeine in it. Even if a painkiller doesn’t have caffeine in it, doctors recommend 100mg or 1 cup of coffee with over-the-counter medicines.

5. Gym Bro

Although the fitness industry has produced an endless array of products for both pre and post-workout, the effectiveness of caffeine remains unchallenged because of its fast-acting and performance-boosting properties. Caffeine starts acting approximately within 45 minutes of ingestion, and it affects the entire body. It increases the production of adrenaline, beta-endorphins, temperature, and glycogen, which results in enhanced performance, exercise high, easy warm-up, and fat burning, respectively. Caffeine is also seen to aid in muscle growth.
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6. Recommended Dose

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According to the United States Food and Drug Administration, the maximum dose of caffeine for a healthy adult is 400mg or 4 cups of coffee, although each individual react differently to coffee, it is best to stay under the recommended dose. Apart from coffee and tea, products like soft drinks, energy drinks, a few alcoholic beverages, and some supplements also contain caffeine, therefore, it becomes essential to track the caffeine intake.

7. Went Overboard

With so many caffeinated products available in the market, it is easy to consume more than the recommended dose, so what would happen if someone went overboard, and consumed a little too much caffeine? If the individual is hovering over the 400mg dose, it is still safe but they can experience slightly elevated heart rate and feel warmer; however, if they consumed near 700mg of caffeine, they are likely to experience jitters, anxiety, spiked heart rate, diarrhea, nausea, and intense headache. Moreover, if 1,200mg of caffeine is consumed, it can trigger seizures and even death in some cases.
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8. Coffee is Popular

There is no surprise that coffee is loved by millions of people around the world, but it is made clear with the statistics. Nearly 64% of people consume coffee each day in the United States, and not just a single cup but three cups regularly, according to the National Coffee Association. Moreover, out of these 64%, three-quarters of the coffee drinkers were over the age of 55. Whereas the majority of people who drink coffee are near retirement in the United States, the newer generation prefers gourmet coffee or making coffee at home. Additionally, due to the popularity of coffee, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there is an entire day dedicated to it, 1st October is celebrated as International Coffee Day.
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9. Helpful Against Cancer

Caffeine is also associated with lowering the risk of skin, colon, and oral cancer. Since it is seen that caffeine reverses the Sun damage caused to the skin, it is also known to prevent skin cancer. As for colon cancer, the Journal of Clinical Oncology carried out an observational study with people who previously had colon cancer, and it was observed that people who drank 3 cups of coffee a day reduced their chances of developing cancer again by 52 percent. The last study by the American Journal of Epidemiology was carried out over a period of 26 years with 968,432 people, it was observed that people who drank coffee regularly reduced their chance of developing oral cancer was halved.

10. Goat History

Kaldi and goats facts

Technically, it wasn’t a human that discovered coffee but it was the goats in circa 800 A.D. Kaldi, a goatherder in Ethiopia noticed that his goats became increasingly energetic after ingesting berries from a strange plant. Kaldi decided to try these berries himself, and he realized, he became equally energetic as well. The event is often described as both Kaldi and goats were dancing after ingesting the mentioned berries. Later on, he shared his findings with the local monastery, and the monks decided to make drinks out of it, which allowed them to breeze through their night watch.

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