10 Interesting Facts About Acne

Ever wondered why a pimple pops out just before an important event or celebration? It seems like a pimple acts like a gate crasher who always comes to spoil our selfies. Yes! we know that an acne breakout is scary but it is treatable. There are certain methods that can help to avoid such an unwanted guest. Increasing the intake of water and eating a healthy diet are a few of the most common ways by which acne can be controlled. There are several other interesting facts about acne that can not only help to control it but avoid it. Let’s read further to know the details. Acne Facts

1. Dairy Products

Several studies have shown that several dairy products result in the growth of acne. This is due to the several artificial hormones that are given to the animals to improve the quality, taste, and production of the milk. These hormones affect the health of humans and cause several hormonal imbalances in the body that triggers the growth of acne. To cure the problem of acne, several dermatologists recommend limiting the intake of milk and milk products.

2. Makeup

Many people believe that applying makeup can help to hide and cure acne. But this fact is totally wrong as applying makeup can hinder control of the growth of acne. Makeup clogs the pores of the skin and causes several skin irritation and allergies. This ultimately leads to the growth of acne on the face within the hair follicles. It is highly recommended to consult a certified and experienced dermatologist if the application of makeup causes severe acne.

3. Water Intake

Water has several magical properties and one of the most famous and helpful properties of water is that it helps in removing several toxins from the body. It removes the excess dirt, oil, dead cells, bacteria, and several toxins from the body. It helps in the cleansing of the skin by promoting the skill wellness by proper hydration. It also helps in building resistance against several bacterial infections.

4. Washing the Face

Some people believe that washing the face regularly can help to control and cure acne. In fact, the habit of over-exfoliating and over-cleansing triggers the growth of acne making the condition of the skin worse. Following a normal morning routine of cleansing and moisturizing can help to cure the condition. It is always recommended to consult a doctor who can guide well for the curing and one should not get fascinated by the attractive advertisements on social media platforms of several products that claim to cure the acne completely.

5. Sun Exposure

According to several reports, it has been shown that getting an adequate amount of sun exposure helps to person to cure acne up to a certain extent. Spending too much time under the sun can also cause certain skin issues like tanning, allergies, sunburns, etc. So, it is recommended not to get exposed to the sun for more than 10-15 minutes. Also, don’t forget to apply oil-free sunscreen to avoid further damage.


PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) is one of the most common forms of hormonal imbalances in women in which several cysts are formed on the outer edge of the ovaries resulting in the hormonal imbalances in the body that causes irregular periods, acne, facial growth, weight gain, stress, and many more. Among women, this condition results in severe acne on the face, and taking the correct precautions and steps for the treatment of PCOS can help to overcome this issue of acne.

7. Stress

Stress is also considered one of the main reasons for the growth of acne on the face. Stress results in the hormonal imbalances of the body that causes acne. Apart from acne, taking stress also leads to several other health issues that can worsen the condition of the person. It is always recommended to follow several measures and techniques to overcome the issue of stress. Following a healthy lifestyle can help a lot in overcoming the stress of the person as, during the stressful period, people tend to eat more unhealthy food products that result in the growth of acne.

8. Age and Gender

Generally, acne is common among young people, especially between the ages of 10-24 years who go through several hormonal changes due to puberty. According to several studies, boys tend to experience more severe cases of acne while going through adolescence age. This is due to the stimulation of the oil glands that occurs at this age. Apart from puberty, consuming more oily and fatty products enhances the growth of acne.

9. Blood Purity

Many people believe that the appearance of acne is due to the impurity of the blood. They go on consuming several products available in the market that claim to purity the blood and help in controlling acne. But the truth is totally different as acne is the result of several bacterial infections and hormonal imbalances in the body. Acne has nothing to do with the purity of the blood of the person. So, next time don’t get fascinated by the advertisements of the products claiming the purity of blood unless it is advised by an expert.

10. Popping

Many people believe that the popping of a pimple will help to overcome the problem but the reality is popping will increase the risk of infection and scarring. There are various types of pimples that occur due to several different reasons like hormonal changes, allergic reactions, bacterial growth, insensitivity, etc. The popping of a pimple can result in the spread of the infection as the infected pus can spread the bacteria to the other parts through the pores and hair follicles resulting in the further growth of the acne. Popping should be performed by a certified doctor to use the sterilized types of equipment to reduce the risk of infections.

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